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woolrich women designer outlet running application under test exits soon after I attach with VS2010 SP1 in x86

Microsoft got very serious about eliminating that potential thread within their code. The C and C++ languages were first. Managed code straggled behind, this isnt something which should really happen in a managed execution environment.

Nevertheless, the version 4 CLR was built with the protection in position, unlike earlier CLR versions. And it does its job, although it is quite rare for this to occur. Ive seen an issue about it only one time before.

Solving this issue will probably be difficult, especially when woolrich womenve got no obvious lead to what unmanaged code inside woolrich women application may be tripping this protection. Best thing to do is to make a minimal repro and phone Microsoft Support to show them what is going wrong. Finding out what trips it while focusing on getting the repro is a likely outcome.