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Appreciate woolrich parka women responses, The actual concern is that why has the Halachah, derech aretz changed since the time of the Gemorah. The intent of the Mishna lets us know. Jews arent particular with what color garments they wear, to do so is avoda zara . So why so we allow a Black and white uniform when the Mishna clearly tells us. While my inner cynic would like to hear an argument that black hats and jackets are Zarah, I truly don believe that what the Mishnah means. The Mishnah is relaying the Halachah that the person who is following a modes of woolrich parka women of idolaters isnt permitted to lead prayers. That would mean, instead of black-clad Yeshiva students, that someone wearing a hot t-shirt depicting the sign of the horns, for instance, may be contained in the prohibition assuming colors could be expanded to decorate. Seth J Jun 7 at 20:03