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To anyone acquainted with basic CSS and jQuery, Im trying to add a simple animation to my tooltips. The issue is the triggering of such an animation. It seems that once the animation happens, when the user moves their mouse within the tooltip, the animation will go right into a loop of showing and hiding until the user moves the mouse away. This is an undesired effect, when i want the animation to go away only once, once the mouse moves from the parent div. Ive positioned my CSS so that the tooltip appears from the parent div, but regardless those things should be triggering only on the parent, and never some of its children.

Basically, wouldso would Time passes about achieving this? I want my hover/out state on my small parent element to trigger a function an animation about the children of that parent, with no hover/out states of the children doing anything. It would appear that the standard method of onMouseOver and onMouseOut is triggering even for the kids from the parent that the method belongs to, which is causing some rather undesirable effects.

Observe that Im a new comer to jQuery although its amazing so far, I want to coat my site in the goodness basically can and when there is a better method to achieve the hover/out states using jQuery I probably dont know about them. ^_^