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outdoor clothing outlets mens overcoats uk The numerous Faces of Santa

Father christmas actually started out like a version of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, referred to as Neptune by the Romans. Early Greek sailors feared him. He could bring terrible storms in the sea, or grant them safe journeys. Because he could save them in the angry waters, he because known as giver of good things. The Romans and Greeks held a festival on December 6 in the honor.

Many countries still celebrate Christmas on December 6 but due to the rise of Christianity, outdoor clothing outlets day was changed to St. Nicholas Day honoring an Asian bishop. Nicholas of Myra would be a benevolent bishop who wore red clothing, rode a white horse who could fly, and delivered gifts anonymously.

In Holland Sintirklass arrives by boat on December 6th. Children leave a wooden shoe filled with hay and carrots for that donkey which carries the pack of toys.

In Sweden a gnome called Juletomten brings gifts in a sleigh driven by goats.

In Germany and Switzerland the Christkindl, or Christ Child, brings the gifts. In certain towns, Christkindl is an angel who boils down from heaven to give gifts.

Around australia Santa rides water skis, includes a white beard, and red bathing suit.

In China, Christmas Old Man, brings gifts to children.

In England, Santa claus wears a longer coat and has an extended beard.

In France hes referred to as Pere Noel.

All Latin America and Spain are predominantly Catholic so Baby Jesus, el NiƱo Jesus, brings the gifts.

In Puerto Rico, children receive gifts in the Three Kings on January 6th, also called Epiphany. Every child puts grass under their bed for the camels. In the morning the grass is replaced with gifts.