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The bright red of the soles is used to tell others that this pair of shoes is my design. And women who wear the shoes can attract men more easily, moncler jackets for men says. Shortly after the sail shop was opened in Paris, the princessof Morocco, Caroline, fell in love with Christian Louboutins red soled shoes. Then the celebrites in Hoolywood became crazy for this pair of shoes; even after 18 years this pair of shoes are still popular.

Also, moncler jackets design career has low ebbs. In 2003, he gained inspiration from a trip and designed a series of bags. But when this series hit the market, they are not very popular among customers. He didnt worry about it yet. Christian Louboutin once honestly said that, Its my biggest habit to try new design, and success or not is not important, I just enjoy the fun of it.

moncler jackets said the key to success in the design of footwear industry is to combine the comfortable and long-wearing body structure with the sexy attractive shape of shoes perfectly. Much of my inspiration is from life. Im not that accustom to the high pace of city life. Slow down and north face parka will find the lots of surprises in trivial details.