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In Washington USA 1998, it was chose to conduct an objective study in to the common safety of harnesses and tethers used by cruising sailors. This research was prepared and revised May 15, 1999. Next is an extremely brief summary.

The very first test was an within the water test. Here a Crew Overboard wearing different brand harnesses with 3ft and 6ft assorted tethers, were towed with the water. if they were comfortable, remarkable ability to breathe easily when towed and also how easy it was to re board the yacht. It had been also noted how easily the snap shackle at the harness could be released when under load.

The 2nd test was a static one where the examiner conducted an actual inspection of the harness and tether. Here comfort, easy strap adjustment, the width of load bearing straps, magnetic properties and also the weight from the harness, was recorded. The workmanship and fabrication of those items was carefully examined

Another phase of static testing and seeking to maintain it as real as mens jackets clearance possibly can in summer or winter sailing weather, crew were timed as to how long it took them to don the different harness with and without foul weather gear. Weight of harness, level of difficulty strapping it on, ease of adjustment, pinch points, uncomfortable strap rubbing etc. all came under their consideration.

Another test executed was one in which the wearer was hoisted by his harness off the ground with a dingy hoist. Points noted were again easy breathing and what went down using the harness once the wearers raised their arms when attemping to climb back onboard.

The dynamic load test ended to determine the way the harness and its tether would react when mounted on a 220lb. dummy and dropped 6 foot 6 inches. To eliminate the tether like a variable when testing a harness, each harness had its brand new tether attached.