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This re-post is dedicated to a brilliant friend. You know who woolrich wholesale are.

American cinema isnt actually that dangerously sexy anymore. Not in a mysterious way. lacks the advantage and thrill of say, Peggy Cummins shooting between her legs in Gun Crazy. Or Decoys Jean Gille laughing with maniac, orgasmic glee after shes offed her duped boyfriend whos just dug in the only thing that turns her on -- money. Or Cloris Leachmans hard panting, hyper-ventilating co-mingling with Nat King Coles silky singing over the credits to Kiss Me Deadly. Or, dear God, Lana which lipstick in The Postman Always Rings Twice. American films can pretend they sexy, and some are. Company, some stars will place it out there in nude scenes, in magazine spreads, or even the sublime Pedro and Penelope, who don count simply because they not American, or the entire life and current work of 1 misunderstood actress/artist/bad girl beauty named Lindsay Lohan.Li-lee-ta: the end from the tongue taking a trip of three steps on the palate to tap, at three, about the teeth. However in my thoughts and with some exceptions obviously, the look John Garfield gives Turner over the floor is worth a thousand contemporary sex scenes. Or Richard Egan getting an eyeful of Wicked Woman Beverly Michaels. Depending on my examples, its not surprising that film noir is the place in other words, my place for screwy sexy made even more erotic because even while sex, often toxic sex, motivates a lot of its characters actions, the genres aim isnt merely to steam woolrich wholesale glasses. Then when it will hits an arousing bulls-eye, well, because the lady says, put woolrich wholesale lips together and blow.

Which led me to some film I hadnt observed in years -- Robert Siodmacks Phantom Lady -- a picture that features a performance by Ella Raines thats so sizzling and yet so alluringly poignant, woolrich wholesalee a little at a loss for it.

Adapted from the Cornell Woolrich novel, Phantom Lady was Siodmaks first American screen success and that he would later craft some sublime noirs including Criss Cross, Cry of the City, The Dark Mirror, The File on Thelma Jordan and also the Killers amongst others. Ill run-down the story: Ella Raines her characters nicknamed Kansas -- which appears like a Wizard of Oz reference because of the subterranean world shell find herself in works as Alan Curtiss secretary. When hes framed for that murder of his wife, she sets out to help him because she doesnt believe he made it happen. She also besotted with him lucky fella. Sexing up her image as cub private dick, shes on find this Phantom Lady with the help of Curtiss friend Franchot Tone as well as an off duty police detective Thomas Gomez, so wonderful in Force of Evil. OK, so that the story, but things i actually want to discuss is Raines interaction using the hep cat, hopped up jazz drummer, played by noir staple, the truly amazing sap/sleaze Elisha Cook, Jr.

Im absolutely gob-smack over their famed moments together. Ellas seduction of Elisha -- an overwhelming sexy, conflicted, crazily drugged sequence woolrich wholesale are able to practically smell the booze, marijuana, heroin and dexies permeating the joint by which Raines plays hot-to-trot, seems to be eating up her vampy method of getting towards the straight dirt but, is repulsed by both Cook that kiss! and herself for having to go this far. Showcasing Siodmaks and cinematographer Woody Bredells evocative, angled compositions used gorgeously throughout the movie, the design and style brilliantly underscores the mounting hysteria and varied state of Rainess psychology. This is an extreme example, but what Raines reveals is something many women feel when finding themselves within the belly of the sleazy beast. It a little fun along with a little horrifying and also woolrich wholesale definitely not in Kansas anymore.