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woolrich kids online red down parka San Bernadino County Campgrounds Complete Trail Guide

The San Bernardino Mountains span the county from east to west, dividing it roughly in half. The southern part of the county is fertile and populated, while the north is sparsely inhabited desert. In between, the lake provide a welcome, forested option to both. Three large lakes-Big Bear, Arrowhead, and Silverwood-embellish the lake and the San Bernardino National Forest, the regions most prominent recreational use area. Within the eastern part of the county, the Rim around the globe Scenic Byway follows the crest of the mountains, offering spectacular views at almost every turn. Beginning as California 38 at Mill Creek Ranger Station about 9 miles east of San Bernardino, the byway climbs and winds its way through marvelous scenery for 107 miles, including across the shores of Big Bear and Silverwood Lakes. Campgrounds included in this eTrail are: Mojave Narrows Park, Hesperia Lake Park, Mojave River Forks, Applewhite, Glen Helen Park, Barton Flats, Council, San Gorgonio, Oso and Lobo, South Fork, Heart Bar, Heart Bar Equestrian, Coon Creek Cabin, Juniper Springs, Green Canyon, Tanglewood, Holcomb Valley, Serrano, Pineknot, Buttercup, Cold Brook, Boulder, Deer, Grays Peak, Hanna Flat, Ironwood, Big Pine Horse Camp, Big Pine Flat, Bluff Mesa, Shady Cove, Green Valley, Crab Flat, Tent Peg, Northern coast, Dogwood, Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area, Prado Regional Park, and Yucaipa Regional Park.