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winter coats for women black parka jacket Treating mothers and infants addicted to prescription medications

The prescription drug epidemic has become claiming its winter coats for womenngest victims theyre even born. Tampa Bay area doctors and addiction specialists are reporting a dramatic increase in the number of pregnant addicts and infants requiring strategy to withdrawal from prescription medications. Some are comparing the trend to the crack baby epidemic from the 1980s, when mothers used crack cocaine throughout their pregnancies. However, Bay area neonatologists state that in some ways, the current trend is worse. The reason being many women do not understand that prescription drugs could be dangerous while pregnant. Additionally other mothers decide to stop the drugs the moment they learn theyre pregnant. This sudden withdrawal can lead to miscarriage.

hard cold truth is that treating a baby with drugs within their system like oxycodone, xanax or methadone involves more medication and longer treatment than strategy to heroin or cocaine.Babies are suffering more, said Dr. Terri Ashmeade, medical director of Tampa General Hospitals neonatal intensive care unit. Withdrawal patterns seem to be worse with prescription drugs than what we were seeing with heroin.Treatment for prescription substance abuse sometimes begins for ladies while pregnant. Centers like Operation PAR, created nearly 4 decades ago to assist parents cope with substance abuse, are an option. Sheehan, the medical director, says that pregnancy is usually a wakeup call for some women. Sheehan says that the earlier women seek treatment, the better.

continues to be most typical treatment. It gradually reduces or eliminates craving for another prescription opioid drugs by blocking some of the euphoric effect. The therapy does not appear to cause birth defects. Many babies will cry uncontrollably, shake, have tremors, seizures, rapid heartbeat and much more.