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where to buy a parka abbigliamento woolrich W J Rayments Flan for that Holidays

Trying My Hand at Spanish Flan

I have desired to try my hand at cooking Flan for a long, very long time. Its among my favorite desserts and i believe those prepared and served at Oscars Mexican Restaurant in Haltom City, close to home, are some of the best Ive ever eaten.

My loved ones gets together periodically for a dinner in which a menu is planned by the hostess and calls put out to the other members from the family to bring certain dishes that will enhance the meal - Italian, Mexican, Indian, Fish and Chips, American hotdogs and apple pie - where to buy a parka get my drift.

I had been the hostess of the month this past week and decided we would possess a Mexican meal, filled with homemade salsa, cheese caso, guacamole, chips, enchiladas, refried beans, Spanish rice, top-shelf margaritas, and YES, Flan!

I have read twelve recipes for Flan and thought how hard could it be? Well, turns out it wasnt hard. Used to do a practice run on my husband and next-door neighbors with two different recipes and chose to tweak the original recipe that I found on-line. W. J. Rayment includes a flan recipe for that Holidays at Holiday Cook. I made use of his recipe and added more sugar and vanilla to really make it a little sweeter.

I wanted to order appetizer tamales from a fantastic cook, Nanas Tamales, who were built with a small take-out restaurant close to home. I called ahead, taking the phone number using their web page, but discovered Nanas had moved from the storefront where When i first discovered them. I known as the new number and Nanas daughter actually answered. She was very kind but was on holiday coupled with not moved right into a new location. So I needed to tell my loved ones there would be no tamales that night. The only real surprise was the flan.

Ingredients for my custard flan are 1 cup of granulated sugar for caramelized topping, 1 can of evaporated milk 12 oz., 1 1/2 cups dairy, 1/2 cup granulated sugar for the custard, 4 large eggs, and a pair of teaspoons vanilla flavoring.

You can use 6 Flan molds or any 8 oz. oven-safe, smooth-sided dish to bake Flan. I lined them up consecutively in a rectangular 9x14x2½ roasting pan. I quickly placed the cup of sugar inside a heavy saucepan and placed it directly over medium heat on the stove-top. Watch closely and stir the sugar constantly. Itll brown and use liquid. Do not let the sugar scorch or it will likely be bitter. Still stir until the sugar becomes thick, syrupy and brownish. Remove from heat and distribute the caramelized sugar equally over the bottom of the Flan molds. Swirl the caramel to coat the interior and allow the dishes cool. The sugar will quickly harden, but once it is baked with the custard, it will liquefy and remain that way.

Inside a mixing bowl combine the rest of the ingredients: evaporated milk, whole milk, sugar, eggs, and vanilla. Whisk the components together with a wire whisk until the eggs are no longer recognizable as white or yoke. This task doesnt take very long - dont whisk before mixture becomes frothy. Now distribute the custard mixture within the various Flan molds or dishes.

Place the rectangular baking pan into a cold oven on the middle rack. Carefully pour about 1 - 1½ inches of very hot water into the pan - do not let water review the side from the Flan molds. Carefully push within the rack and close the oven door. Set oven to 350° F - dont preheat. Bake for One hour. Test for doneness by inserting the blade of a butter knife into centers. If the knife comes out clean, then the custard has fully cooked.

When done, remove individual Flans from roasting pan and put on a rack to cool. It may be served warm or chilled within the refrigerator. To serve, operate a butter knife round the the surface of the Flan where it is attached to the mold. I selected to make use of small dessert plates to serve the individual Flans. Put the dish inverted along with the Flan mold and flip over. As it is hot use a towel to protect where to buy a parka fingers and thoroughly jiggle the mold off therefore the Flan falls in one piece onto the plate. The caramelized sugar will form a sauce over the Flan. You will see hard sugar remaining in the bottom of the molds, but dont make an effort to scrape this to increase the sauce. Soak the molds in hot, soapy water because this remaining sugar is a little challenging off. I placed my Flans on their individual serving dishes in the refrigerator until time to serve.