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sito woolrich woolrich raincoat Saint Joseph of Cupertino Patron Saint of Flight

Saint Joseph of CupertinoSaint Joseph of Cupertino was born using more than humble beginnings in a stable in 1603. Josephs father have been a poor carpenter who had been generous beyond his means and after his death his wife was driven using their home by creditors whilst pregnant with Joseph.

Josephs displays of holiness began at eight when, in school, hed his first of many ecstatic visions where he stared and gaped. This earned him the nickname The Gaper. At age 17 Joseph, an apprentice shoemaker, put on be admitted to a Friary but was refused on account of his insufficient education. He was accepted as a lay brother at the Capuchins but he was dismissed as his visions left him unfit for work. He was eventually taken in a convent near Cupertino as they saw how devout he is at his faith.

It had been throughout his time in the convent that Joseph started to go through the most shocking of his holy ecstasies. When in an elevated holy state, for example at Mass or during feast day parades, Joseph would suddenly begin to levitate and neither shouting or pinching or slapping would rouse him from his trance or cause him to land. This earned him a second nickname of the Flying Friar and several years after his death made him an obvious choice to function as the Patron Saint of air travel. Often nothing would get him down or snap him out of his trance apart from the voice from the highest ranking Catholic there. This could cause shock and distress to anyone present and thus eventually resulted in Joseph being kept from any public gatherings or occasions of great holiness. During the time of his death hed been kept separate from other people both inside and outside from the convent for 35 years. Joseph died on 18th September 1663 in Ossimo of the severe fever. This is the date that is now his feast day. Joseph was cannonized in 1653.

In addition to air travellers, air crew and pilots Saint Joseph can also be the Patron Saint of astronauts paratroopers, students and test takers.

So if sito woolrich are scared of either sito woolrich loved ones or sito woolrichself flying why dont sito woolrich pray for that protection of St Joseph of Cupertino. In the end he flew safely even without an oxygen mask, life jacket and in flight movie!