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When i have a long over-do back massage, Im reminded of the daunting task of digging out of 2 feet of fresh snow. It is a reminder that regardless of the pension in our nations capital has for Indian summers, we are now officially locked in the jaws of winter.

With temperatures predicted to briefly reach the freezing mark, and weather reporters constantly warning of black ice, a warm coat is the order during the day.

As the functional practicality of work-wear continues its invasion to the fashion runways, names like the Packer, Mackinaw, and brands like Filson and Woolrich are being discovered by a whole new generation.

Below, Ive complied a no-frills listing of work-wear coats that harken to yesteryear, which are certain to provoke just a little nostalgia and keep the chilling bite of winter at bay.

- This functional coat unifies warmth, protection, utility and sweetness for any style that has stood the test of time. $397.50

- This coat packs extra muscle with two layers of wool to safeguard against cold, wind, rain and snow. $335.00

Pendleton Lodge Coat - This coat was inspired with a vintage hunting jacket, and is right at home within the plains of Virginia or even the urban streets of downtown DC. $186.99

Pendleton Ike Jacket - This coat has emerged in the Pedleton archives, and commands attention just like the then-general Eisenhowers famous field jacket that inspired it. Sale! $186.99

- Whether in the field, or around town, this coat is light, warm, and up for that task. The coat features a fleece body liner in the trademark Woolrich blanket stripe. Sale! $89.00

- This coat is the epitome of outdoors in America. The rugged, classic styling from the wool-blend shell does battle with the fiercest weather. $189.00

- The Wool Cruiser coat combines style and warmth for any perfect multi-function jacket. $198.00

- This coat merges lightweight comfort and sturdiness for the perfect defense against wet or dirty conditions. $65.00

- This coat was designed for two opposites. Its rugged construction protects from all from the elements because of a lining formed from arctic-weight polyester insulation. $130.00

- Nothing can beat the cold on a cold workday such as the Chore coat with blanket lining. $85.00

This collection of coats will handle all of the elements that cheap clothes online throw in internet marketing, while providing classic work-wear styling which will stand the test of time. Pick up anyone of those coats for a bit of nostalgic infusion to cheap clothes online. These pieces will all significantly help towards giving cheap clothes online signature-style a rugged twist.

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