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woolrich outlet bologna parka woolrich arctic Tropical Storm Lee brings rip current concerns to Tampa Bay

In Louisiana this weekend Tropical Storm Lee will dump a significant amount of rain. For the St Petersburg and Tampa San francisco bay area it will not be a rain event however it brings higher seas plus some dangerous rip currents that bear close watching by the pool this Labor Day weekend.

Boating conditions may not be too good with the weekend, said Richard Rude, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Ruskin. We are also anticipating some swells and rip currents. Anyone going to the beach need to stay near beaches with lifeguards, and heed warnings when the lifeguards set up any warnings. And try to have some kind of flotation device if woolrich outlet bolognae in the water.

An almost overlooked facet of hurricanes and tropical storms would be the rip currents they might bring. Rip currents or rip tides could be brought on by strong sea currents which push away from the shore like a strong storm is near. Theyre formed by the strong winds pushing water for the shore. Tropical winds push waves up against the shoreline even when theyre hundreds of miles away. Often rip tide warnings are often the very first indication of the nearby hurricane or tropical storm.

The mechanics of a rip current is that the incoming strong waves initially create an underwater sandbar close to shore. Because the waves push increasingly more water in between the sandbar and the shore a portion from the sandbar then erodes and collapses. Water will be forced through this newly formed gap creating an incredibly strong but narrow current that then pulls away from the shore. If woolrich outlet bologna are caught within this rip current attempting to swim back to shore against the rip tide current is only going to tire woolrich outlet bologna out of trouble making it that much harder for woolrich outlet bologna to survive. Luckily, rip currents are narrow enough when woolrich outlet bologna swim parallel to shore, it is simple to escape the present after which swim to shore.

Please view the video where Dr. Peter Wernicki, a member of the American Red Cross Science Advisory Council discusses rip currents, what they are, how to prevent them, swim out of them, and how to spot them.

As being a good swimmer is not the key with regards to rip currents. Its how to be a smart swimmer and NOT panicking. It is however vital that woolrich outlet bologna learn how to swim particularly if woolrich outlet bologna are living in Florida! A great place to learn to swim to go to Tampa Bay Turners and Swim in St. Petersburg where they teach swimming year round inside a heated indoor pool. Theyre located near to I-275 and 22nd Avenue in St.