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woolrich jacken outlet woolrich men The fashion capital of Idaho

There is fabulous fashion beyond Ny, Milan and Paris. Within this new series, CNN showcases trends in threads world wide. Now, photographer Thomas Lea shares the Boise, Idaho, style scoop. Check out his blog here.

CNN -- Inside a city known more for hiking trails than fashion runways, photographer Thomas Lea scours the streets for style.

Boise is slower-paced, more homogenous and fewer densely populated than Bay area, and this helps make the fashion crowd stick out a lot more, Lea said. The fashionistas are fewer in number, but theyre as creative and fashion savvy as all over the world.

Thus, Boise Style -- Leas fashion blog influenced by The Sartorialist and editorial spreads in gossip columns -- was born.

Fashion here is fun, above all else, he explained. Its not serious or earth-shaking. It is a method of getting woolrich jacken outlet mind off the worlds problems and focus on something beautiful.

Below, Lea explains Boise style.

CNN: What influences style in woolrich jacken outlet city?

Lea: Nestled against the Boise Foothills and along the Boise River is among the Wests great outdoor playgrounds. Opportunities for skiing, camping, hunting, bicycling and white water rafting are all near by and incredibly popular. This outdoor culture heavily influences clothing style, and also the norm is extremely casual, even just in downtown Boise.

CNN: Describe a well known style.

Lea: Comfortable and casual. Outdoorsy.

CNN: What different fashion statements do woolrich jacken outlet see?

Lea: I see creative mixes of color, texture and pattern. Unique accessories often vintage or thrift store finds are popular. Eye-catching personal styles look easier to me compared to fashion magazine trends or the latest from woolrich jacken outlet mainstream shops. Shopping here is virtually restricted to Macys, Target, Ann Taylor and other chains. Creative fashionistas navigate to the thrifts and consignment shops.

CNN: What do Boise fashionistas do with thrift store goods?

Lea: I see people get creative. They wake up each morning and put together something fun. Its much more about self-expression than following any trend.

CNN: Why is woolrich jacken outlet pause and take someones photo?

Lea: I search for something creative within the outfit or combination of items more than just the most recent from off-the-rack style. It comes down to personality, feeling good, self-expression.

CNN: Do woolrich jacken outlet have any favorite looks?

Lea: I like this mixture of tailored with casual -- the most recent Ralph Lauren sport coat over worn Levis. I truly benefit from the resurgence of Americana: Woolrich, Pendleton, vintage work boots from Red Wing. And I like shoes, real shoes: brogues, wingtips and saddle shoes, not running shoes or flip-flops.

CNN: One of woolrich jacken outlet collections, Market People, showcases street style in Boise. What can outsiders gather in the photos?

Lea: Market People is really a microcosm, slice of life, view of Boise. It is, a minimum of in part, a view of the way woolrich jacken outlet look. I intend for my art to become shrewd, revealing, perceptive observations from the everyday.