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woolrich herrenjacke parka for men Salman Butt commentating at the World Cup is actually a great idea

/By now most fans be aware that Salman Butt continues to be signed up to commentate for Pakistans Channel 5 throughout the forthcoming World Cup.

In the beginning we thought this was farcical - a guy who only days earlier have been banned from the game through the ICC for spot-fixing was now going to offer expert analysis to the viewing public.

Indeed, in the beginning we believed it would be just like a convicted fraudster such as former Barings Bank trader Nick Leeson offering financial advice on the cash Programme or even President Mubarak advising regarding how to bow out gracefully.

But now our initial ire has subsided, we feel that Butt commentating in the World Cup is definitely an inspired idea.

Why? Because now we wont have to bother watching the pointless group phase. Well simply tune into Pakistan TV where Butt will be able provide the post-match analysis before the game even starts - who wins, the star performers, even right down to the minutiae of whenever a no-ball will be bowled.

Incidentally, does anyone know whos sponsoring the coverage on Pakistan television? We would not be surprised if it was an frozen treats shop located in Tooting.