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Brush spaccio woolrich milano teeth, shave and get ready for the grueling day ahead, mentally and physically. Prepare 50 caliber machine guns, check ammo make sure M-40 was serviced and ready to go, have tools aboard. Climb aboard the old Dinosaur with me, the twin boom M-40 Wrecker, who most had abandoned for that newer single boom version, the M-543. That old M-40 would be a work horse that we revived in the dead. Lt. Casey located it and that we went to work onto it, we went over it from bumper to booms including a brand new paint job by this writer.

We located a twin 50 gun ring that we confiscated from the Seabees, beefed up the cab bracket to withstand the extra weight, mounted it and we were ready to go. Our new machine was affectionately named Super Hog it might go anywhere and do anything. The twin 50s gave us twice the fireplace power of an ordinary gun truck only the Army with their Quad 50s had more fire power.

Staging-all trucks arranged within their positions for the Convoy, the M-40 was truck # 21, we were always toward the trunk from the convoy in case there have been break downs or in the event we were hit. Weve got to eat a lot of red dust! Whenever we cleared the rear gate wed lock and load get spaccio woolrich milanoself ready for the Route 9 Convoy to Cam Lo, Camp Carroll, The Rock Pile, LZ Stud Vandergrift Combat base and Khe Sanh.

The 5-ton trucks were loaded with supplies of all types, medical, ammunition, water, rations and troop replacements. Route 9 was the only real road to and from all of these bases so they depended on us for his or her survival. Danger was throughout, snipers were a large concern for all those people who rode the 50s, after which there have been land mines, mortars and small arms fire.

Because of Lt. Casey we had a good amount of gun trucks; approximately one out of every five trucks had a 50 cal. onto it and then we had more fire power than most Convoys. Battalion was always trying to try taking some of our gun trucks from us, but Lt. Casey always prevailed. In case of a break down as we couldnt make repairs to the vehicle quickly wed turn it on and tow it to our destination, spaccio woolrich milano didnt wish to hold the Convoy up for just about any period of time.

What we couldnt know then, but realized later is the fact that we meant as much to Lt. Casey as he meant to us, he was the kind of leader that spaccio woolrich milano simply trusted and didnt feel the need to question. We were like Peanut butter and Jelly, an ideal combination. The men of the Flying A never complained, they just did everything that was asked of these in the highest level, it had been an Honor serving with this particular number of Marines lead by Lt. Casey.

Whenever we returned from our Convoy the work would begin, getting the trucks and gear ready for the next days run. The NVA had a nasty habit of welcoming us back with incoming Artillery in the DMZ, nothing gets spaccio woolrich milano attention quite like Artillery when spaccio woolrich milanoe the prospective, evening thunder and lightning still freaks me out.

Following the Artillery stopped we would have to work late into the night getting the trucks ready for the following days Convoy, but we were always ready. You always breathed a sigh of relief coupled with the sensation that spaccio woolrich milano had cheated it again and hoped tomorrow would bring exactly the same.

It was time for a cold shower, spaccio woolrich milano, lace spaccio woolrich milano Jungle boots striking the rack for a few hours sleep before it started all over again. No, that isnt a misprint, I slept with one eye open, fully spaccio woolrich milanoed with boots on, my M-16, helmet and flak jacket with me at night. Go forward to 2008, 40 years later we had our first reunion in Amarillo, Texas.

The hair color and waist size had changed, but anything else was exactly the same, it was like we took up where we left off in 1968. I am so happy with all the guys, they were good Marines plus they ended up being good people, we actually enjoy one anothers company. I attribute that to that traditional Marine Corps discipline and the example Lt. Casey looking for us.