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The open nature of campus life and its nearby areas made the university vulnerable to incidents of violence, even murders. After all, there are numerous reatlively jackets for menng adults around. Most of them are usually trusting, whether they reside in dorms on campus or off-campus in private apartments not associated with the university. However, when a tragedy occurs, it has a tendency to become linked to the university.

The latest of this a murder that has become linked wth Mercer University Law School. She was staying in a condo. Then she went missing. Areas of her body have been discovered. The head have been removed. she was among the school JDs and was housed inside a lodging near campus, her death is going to be associated for years with Mercer Law School.

Now this law school is loaded with lots more on its pr and marketing and sales communications plate than just transparency about placement of its graduates, what types of jobs these were, and that which was the compensation. Its name is within the news.

Currently, campus safety factors are the problem in university life. Notre Dame found that when there is an alleged sexual assault, followed by the alleged victim suicide. The institution will have a hard and long time dealing with that hit to its brand identity.

Here is my exclusive interview with security expert Dr. James Ionson of Oncam Global. Advanced schooling might have to create a paradigm transfer of the way it approaches and implements security. Among the changes may need to be agreements about seamless security systems throughout campus onto adjacent areas not strictly owned by campus.