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Fur is one of the oldest types of clothing. Its extensively used as the hominids and was expanded first outside the African country. Some people consider fur as a luxurious one and some dont accept this clothing because of the welfare of the animals as well as concerned ethically. In general, the term fur is used to indicate a shawl, wrap or perhaps a coat which is prepared with the fur of the animals.

Fur may be the material that is first employed for the bodily decoration but for the clothing. There is debate going on regarding the correct date of the introduction of fur within the clothing. Its a well known fact that various species of the hominoids that includes homoneanderthalensis and Homo sapiens are use for the fur clothing.

In certain countries, the fur clothing or even the skin clothing is worn practically. The insulation property about the fur clothing is very good and hence they are utilized by those people who live in the cold countries. In some countries, these fur clothing is used as traditional clothing.

The animal furs are used in the garments and the trim could be dyed with the bright colours as well as using the good patterns. In general, the pattern could be impersonated of the foreign animal pelts. Alternatively, the initial pattern and the colour might be left. To reproduce the feel of the soft velvet clothing the fur can be shorn and therefore a brand new fabric called as shearing will be produced.

The animals that are popular for manufacturing of fur clothing and the fur trimmed accessories would be the mink, fox, stoat, sable, otter, rabbit, dogs, coyotes and cats. The rate of this fur will differ based upon the quality or even the grade and the colour.

Your hair that is left about the processed skin of the animals obtained from the animal pelts can be used for the manufacture of fur clothing. In contrary, the leather that is produced from fleece coat pet hide requires elimination of fur in the skin and uses just the skin thats tanned. The wool fabric is manufactured by just shearing fleece coat hair in the animals living and therefore allow the wool to grow again on the animals. The duplicate fur or the faux fur is nothing but the synthetic material manufactured from the oil which is used to mimic the appearance of the original fur.

To get the felting quality, chemical treatment methods are given to the fur material and it is known as the carroting because this will turn the fur into a yellowish red colour like carrot. The individual doing the alteration, repair and cleaning work or dealing with fleece coat pet fur is called because the furrier.